pigeon decoys

 Pigeons decoys

Pigeon decoys are indispensable in a successful pigeon hunt to get the pigeons neatly within shot. Pigeons are smart birds that must be convinced that there is something to be obtained in the decoy spread. We have full flocked pigeons in our range for pigeon hunting. The decoy pigeons are put with their head against the wind and often in a U or V shape, with the hut in the bend of the U or V. In addition to placing full decoys in the decoy spread, movement in the decoy spread is also important. For this a bouncer can be used in combination with a flying pigeon with wings. This pigeon can be placed on the bouncer and placed near the decoy spread. The bouncer will move due to the wind and simulate the image of an incident pigeon. Often a few bouncers are placed in the decoy spread. In addition to the bouncer, the pigeon carousel can also be used. This is a rotating carousel on which pigeon decoys can be placed. These move due to the rotation of the carousel itself, but with a little wind they also route themselves. The carousel is especially useful when there is little wind to create movement in the decoy spread.

In addition to decoys, camouflage is very important so that the pigeon comes to the decoy spread without suspicion.

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