crow/pigeon magnet rotary machine


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crow/pigeon magnet rotary machine

With this pigeon magnet you add extra movement to the decoy spread making it noticeable from a great distance to pigeons flying over. This pigeon magnet works on an external battery (12V, not included) and can be controlled remotely. The pigeon magnet includes a speed controller and has different speed settings. In this way the magnet can be used to attract pigeons (higher speed) as well as crows (lower speed).
Both decoys and shot crows/pigeons can be used as decoys on the magnet.
We recommend a 12V 12 amp battery as a battery. This allows the pigeon magnet to run for 5 to 6 hours.

magnet rotary machine

Speed ​​controller
Remote control
2 pigeon decoys with wings
Carrier bag

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