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Prodecoys has profitable discount packages for different goose species. These packages are a good basis for a decoy spread for goose hunting. It is important that there is variety in different decoys and numbers. For goose hunting it is common to use 20 till 40 goose decoys. A discount package is a good start to build up your decoy spread. 

A discount package contains 12 full body goose decoys, 6 windsocks/sillosocks an a 12 slot decoy bag. The 12 full body goose decoys are the basis of the decoy spread and form a realistic look. The windsocks/sillosocks are ideal to create movement in the decoy spread. These decoys already move at minimal wind. By creating movement, the decoy spread will become more attractive for passing geese. The 12 slot decoy bag that is included is large enough to transport both the 12 full body goose and the 6 windsocks. Because the full body goose decoys and the windsocks are lightweight, they are easy to transport in the field.

The discountpackages are available for: 

A discount package contains: 

  • 12 full body goose decoys 
  • 6 windsocks/sillosocks
  •  12 slot decoy bag 

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