Greylag goose decoys 6 pieces EVA


Full body greylag goose decoys

Greylag goose decoys 6 pieces EVA


Full body Greylag goose decoys.

These decoys are highly detailed and are made of a flexible plastic so that they can be folded and reshaped very easily. Painted with a very matt paint that does not reflect in the sunlight. The head and the tail of the Canada goose decoy is flocked.

They decoys are very light weighted and easy to carry and to set up. A decoy spread is set up in no time! The decoys react perfectly in the wind and create realistic movement in the decoy spread.

Decoys are tested in practice.

The 12-slot decoy bag is very suitable for transporting the EVA decoys.

A pack of 6 consists of:

4 feeders

2 sentry


Black ground pins are included.


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