Barnacle goose decoys 12 pieces full body


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This item: Barnacle goose decoys 12 pieces full body

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Full body barnacle goose decoys

These decoys are painted in detail and are very realistic.
The decoys are lightweight and made of a flexible plastic that can be folded and reshaped very easily. Therefore, they are easy to transport and to set up. A decoy spread is set up in no time!

It is recommended to transport the decoys in a decoy slot bag. Another possibility is to transport the decoys by pulling a small robe through the ring that is attached at the tail of each decoy.

The decoys react perfectly in the wind and create the necessary movement in the decoy spread.

Decoys are tested in practice.

A pack of 12 consists of:

8 feeders
4 sentry
24 goose legs
12 black groundpins