Crow decoys

Crow decoys

Crow decoys are essential for a successful crow hunting. Crows are smart birds that cannot be lured easily, the environment, specific location and decoy spread must be perfect to lure the crow to the decoy spread.

Prodecoys has a complete range for hunting and damage control on crows and jackdaws. We have various crow decoys to make a perfect decoy spread. We have flocked crow decoys, a flying decoy crow, but also magnum waggle crow decoys of no less than 50 cm, for extra attraction. We also have jackdaw decoys. Looking for a complete package for hunting or damage control on crow and jackdaw? Then view our crows damage control action packages. All our crow and jackdaw decoys are flocked, so that they do not shine in rain or bright sun.

The hunt and damage control on the crow
Crows can cause a lot of nuisance in nature, agriculture, but also aroundbuildings. Crows, for example, often cause damage to fruit crops, cereals or corn. Crows and jackdaws can also prey on the corn silage and cause holes in the plastic coverage. When hunting the crow, it is important to observe the crows in the field. Pay attention to the fly lines, the places where they forage and where they rest. After a good spot has been chosen, it is important to camouflage yourself well, otherwise the crows will see you quickly and will turn around. Besides camouflage, a good decoy spread is the most important for a successful hunt. It is important to place enough decoys and to vary the different types of crow decoys. Variation can be introduced,for example, by applying a few magnum waggle crows or adding a few jackdaw decoys to the decoy spread.

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