Greylag goose/white-fronted goose windsocks 6 pieces


Greylag goose/white-fronted goose windsocks 6 pieces

Greylag goose/white-fronted goose windsock decoy 

The well-known windsock decoy is a good addition to your decoy spread. These decoys add movement to the decoy spread since they will move already with a slight breeze.

The heads of the windsocks are very detailed and flocked. The decoys are very low in weight and volume and therefore perfect for transport.

The windsocks are suitable to combine with the full body decoys.
The addition of a few windsocks to the decoy spread leads to more movement, which gives an extra attraction

A set of 6 consists of:
4 feeders
2 sentry

The set includes 6 groundpins

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